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India is one of the major exporter and supplier of handicrafts and gift products to the world market. The Indian handicrafts industry is highly labor intensive and decentralized, being spread all across the country in rural and urban areas.

The sector is considered as the second largest employment-generating sector after agriculture with numerous artisans engaged in craft work on a part-time basis. The industry offers employment to over 6 million artisans, including a large number of women and people from the weaker sections of society.

The present day handicraft tradition of India is a perfect example of assimilation between the traditional designs and modern techniques. The fast growing demand for Indian handicraft and gifts products have made this sector a full-fledged large scale organized industry that is growing day by day.


Imperiall Exports & Imports started its operations as a proprietorship firm in fag April of calendar year 2014, with the main object of trading and export of commodities and merchandise domestically and in the international market.


Short Term

To achieve economies of scale to gain competitive advantage.
To expand clientele base and bringing into fold more and more countries.
To keep abreast with the ever changing global scenario and changing in line    with it.

Long Term

To be the leading Export-Import House and a company of choice. Havea de-risked business model by developing a complete value chain totake care of all segment of the business.
To go for forward and backward integration keeping synergy with the existing export business.


To carry on the business in India or Globally as traders, dealers, exporters, importers, buyers, sellers, merchants, indenters, commission agents, brokers, buying, selling agents, factors, distributors, stockiest, in all kinds of products and articles of merchandise and to undertake carry on or acquire agencies of all kinds and for all types of products and articles of merchandise, commodities and to act as manufacturers representatives and to set up import and export houses for all types of products required or ordered by customers.